This Week’s Top Downloads [Download Roundup]

IP Hider Accesses Hulu, Other US-Only Content from Outside the US (Windows) Previously mentioned proxy application Hotspot Shield used to be the go-to option for accessing US-only content from outside the US, but now that popular sites like Hulu are wise to Hotspot Shield, give proxy application IP Hider a try.


Lockdown Editor Controls Activity on Ubuntu Desktops [Downloads]

Linux only: System restrictions utility Lockdown Editor lets you lock down your Gnome desktop, removing access to the command line, specific panel items, or even prevent locking the screen. The application, which is meant for use on a public internet kiosk, can be used for a variety of other uses—you could lock down and prevent any changes to a child’s computer, or prevent that one relative from breaking his computer yet again by removing access to anything other than email and a web browser.


Google Docs hints at GDrive… maybe

Filed under: Office , Google Google has been busy rolling out new features for Google Docs over the past few weeks, including the ability to upload and share document templates with other users. But it’s a smaller change which could be even more interesting. Under the sort items by type menu, “PDF” has been replaced with “Files.” And that could mean that Google is preparing to let users upload and store other file types soon