Efficient Feeds : The Top 10 Web 2.0 Trends of 2009

The development of ever-more-complex software accessed online via a web browser is a huge boon for personal productivity, since it offers an increasingly nomadic workforce “always-on” access to the data, documents , and software they need. At the same time, …. With mobile phones edging ever closer to the dream of the portable supercomputer, the promise of “access anywhere” has come more and more to mean “access from my smartphone ”

Video: HTC Sense new Documents tab shown off | Mobilejunks.com

It looks like HTC is setting about stripping most of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile down and replacing just about everything with their own version in the HTC Sense UI, they’ve already replaced such stuff as calendar, email viewer, … Apparently you can now sync documents to your email so you can pull up any received or sent documents , filter documents by type such as PDF, Excel, Word and the like, and also the tab gives the viewer a live preview of the document contents .