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History Echoes as Trump Heads to Armistice Day Centennial – Council on Foreign Relations (blog)

Council on Foreign Relations (blog)History Echoes as Trump Heads to Armistice Day CentennialCouncil on Foreign Relations (blog)Freedom House’s most recent annual report documents twelve consecutive years of democratic backsliding. … They drew support from the dispossessed and the downwardly mobile, two categories that grew as the world spiraled into the Great Depression.


Six apps for the modern financial advisor – The Globe and Mail

The Globe and MailSix apps for the modern financial advisorThe Globe and MailAnother scanning app, this one from Evernote, “belongs on every productivity enthusiast’s list of best iPhone apps,” according to PCMag. “I find this to be the best app for scanning documents through a phone,” Mr. McKenzie said. “There is still a fair …


Mobile Minute- Apple or Google? | SmartMobile

The downsides are the lack of customization, being stuck behind the app walls built by Apple, only one device option for phones (one for PDA and one for tablet), and needing a computer for syncing and updates (this is changing though). Some of these restrictions can be overcome with a …