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The Essential Android Apps For 2018 – Lifehacker Australia

Lifehacker AustraliaThe Essential Android Apps For 2018Lifehacker Australia… each of our favourite platforms. For our always-updating directory of all the best apps, be sure to bookmark our App Directory, where we profile amazing apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS—browser extensions, too. …. As with our iOS guide …and more »


How to wirelessly share files between a Mac and PC – iMore (press release) (blog)

iMore (press release) (blog)How to wirelessly share files between a Mac and PCiMore (press release) (blog)If you use both a Mac and a Windows PC in your home, you might sometimes want to share files between them. Whether its photos, music, or documents, it’s actually fairly easy to set up file sharing between macOS and Windows so long as the two machines …